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NAAFISupporting the British Armeed Forces; past, present and future

Our Commitment To You

NAAFI prides itself in its unique role of providing a ‘taste of home’ to service personnel and their families wherever they are in the world, ensuring that we make each and every one of our customers feel that their needs are being met in shops, bars, cafes, clubs and messes. Our motto of Serving the Services is as true now as it was in 1920 when it all began.

We promise our customers a comprehensive range of quality goods sourced in the main from the UK and representing the very best of what you would see on the shelves ‘at home’ in the British Isles. To us the NAAFI promise is all about offering quality products for the best prices and making them relevant for our very unique customer base. We base our entire offer on the products which can be found in the UK and work hard to offer the best value we can.

NAAFI sources with integrity. Our first intent is to provide our customers with quality products at a fair price, but we have to do more than that. We also ensure that our suppliers respect their producers and their workers, and minimise their impact on the environment. Wherever we deliver to in the world, we strive to use the most efficient method of transportation to reduce our carbon footprint, always working to fill our vehicles and use the shortest possible routes to our destinations.

NAAFI is not just about great products and service but also about supporting the communities we work in. We are part of those communities with our staff often living as neighbours to their customers, and we aim to put our facilities at the heart of the communities they serve. We know our staff are the face of NAAFI and we train and incentivise them to support our purpose of serving our customers at all times in a friendly and helpful manner.